School Board Member Training

You will find information about the legal authority of boards of trustees of Texas independent school districts on this page, as well as requirements for member training and training providers. Board members can also find information about recording continuing education credit and applying for team commendation here.

About the Board of Trustees

In general, the trustees of an independent school district constitute a body corporate and have the exclusive power and duty to govern and oversee the management of the district. All powers and duties not specifically delegated by statute to the Texas Education Agency or to the State Board of Education (SBOE) are reserved for the trustees, and TEA may not substitute its judgment for the lawful exercise of those powers and duties by the trustees. The trustees may adopt rules, such as local policies and procedures, and bylaws necessary to carry out the powers and duties. The board of trustees of a school district or the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school has primary responsibility for ensuring that the district or school complies with all applicable requirements of state educational programs.

 defines the powers and duties of board of trustees of independent school districts. 

The Framework for School Board Development outlines the vision, structure, accountability, advocacy, and unity needed to provide local educational programs and services that will promote excellence in student academic achievement. The framework was originally adopted by the SBOE in January 1996 and was revised by the SBOE in July 2012.

School Board Training Requirements 

The following continuing education requirements are defined in SBOE rule and Texas Government Code sections and .  

 Type of Continuing Education

 First Year Board Members

 Experienced Board Members


Local District Orientation

外国成人视频3 hours within first 120 days

Not required

外国成人视频Local District

Orientation to the Texas Education Code

3 hours within first 120 days

外国成人视频Not required

Education Service Center

Update to the Texas Education Code

Not required

Of sufficient length to address major changes

Any registered provider

Evaluating & Improving Student Outcomes 3 hours Every 2 years Any authorized provider, including

外国成人视频Team-building Session and Assessment of Continuing Education Needs of the Board-Superintendent Team

3 hours

外国成人视频3 hours annually

外国成人视频Any registered provider

外国成人视频Additional Continuing Education, based on assessed need and Framework for School Board Development

10 hours

外国成人视频5 hours annually

Any registered provider

外国成人视频Open Meetings Training

外国成人视频1 hour within first 90 days


Attorney General’s Office or other approved provider

Public Information Act Training

外国成人视频Check local district policy for board requirements


Registered Providers 

A private or professional organization, school district, government agency, college or university, or private consultant must register with TEA to provide school board members continuing education required under . TEA registers external providers of school board member training. In this context, "external providers" refers to individuals who are not school district personnel training their own school board members. To register as a provider for Independent School District (ISD) board member and officer continuing education, please complete the . Note that this form is viewable using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

外国成人视频These  are eligible to provide school board member training for school districts and charters. These private or professional organizations, school districts government agencies, colleges or universities, or private consultants are NOT eligible to provide the Lone Star Governance or the Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes without first becoming . Registrations are valid for three years past the year of registration.

Authorized Providers 

外国成人视频Authorized Providers are eligible to provide the Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes required training, as well as other school board member training for school districts and charters. Visit the page for a list of providers as well as information on how to become an Authorized Provider.

Continuing Education Credit 

Members of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and district designees can view and print board member training reports at . The district record keeper may also enter and track credit for non-TASB sponsored training events through the service.

Team Commendation

外国成人视频Local board-superintendent teams that receive at least eight hours of the continuing education specified in  are eligible for commendation. The SBOE has established this commendation in recognition of the importance of working together as a team for the benefit of Texas' children. Complete and return the  to apply.

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