School Board Trustee Training

外国成人视频The board of trustees of an independent school district is a corporate body that has the exclusive power and duty to oversee the district management and evaluate the performance of its superintendent. All powers and duties not specifically delegated by state law to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or State Board of Education (SBOE) are reserved for the trustees.

外国成人视频 defines the powers and duties of an independent school district board of trustees. 

The Framework for School Board Development outlines the vision, structure, accountability, advocacy, and unity needed to provide local educational programs and services that will promote excellence in student academic achievement. Initially adopted in January 1996, the framework was revised by the SBOE in July 2012.

外国成人视频 requires the SBOE to provide a course of training for independent school district boards of trustees.

School Board Training Requirements 

Continuing education requirements for independent school board trustees are established in Texas Administrative Code and Texas Government Code, §§, , and . This table provides a summary of these requirements. Use the links in the Eligible Provider(s)外国成人视频 column to find a provider.

Continuing Education
First Year
in Office
Subsequent Years
in Office
Eligible Provider(s)
Local District Orientation Three hours within the first 120 days in office N/A Local District
Orientation to the Texas
Education Code
Three hours within the first 120 days in office N/A Education Service Centers
Update to the Texas
Education Code
Following each legislative session and of
sufficient length to address major changes
Three hours Three hours every year • 
Additional Education based on Framework for School Board Development Ten hours Five hours every year • 
Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes Three hours within the first 120 days in office Three hours every two years • 
Sexual Abuse, Human
Trafficking, and Other
Maltreatment of Children
One hour within the first 120 days in office One hour every two years • 
Open Meetings Act (OMA) One hour within the first 90 days in office N/A
Public Information Act (PIA) One hour within the first 90 days in office N/A
Cybersecurity Varies by provider Every year
State Plan for Gifted/
Talented Education
See local district policy for training requirements Local District


Team Commendation

外国成人视频Local board-superintendent teams that, together, receive at least eight hours of continuing education specified in  are eligible for commendation. The SBOE established this commendation in recognition of the importance of working together as a team for the benefit of Texas students. Complete and submit the  to apply.