Districts of Innovation

H.B. 1842 (84th Session of the Texas Legislature) in part amended Chapter 12 of the Texas Education Code (TEC) to create . Districts are eligible for designation if certain performance requirements are met and the district follows certain procedures for adoption as outlined in Statute. The designation provides the district will be exempt from certain sections of the TEC that inhibit the goals of the district as outlined in the locally adopted Innovation Plan.

外国成人视频The term of the designation as a district of innovation may not exceed 5 years.

We encourage all districts to consult with their legal counsel regarding the effect of any exemption claimed. The Texas Education Agency does not have the authority to approve a district's innovation plan. However, the Agency retains the authority to engage in investigative, intervention and enforcement activities if the district is not in compliance with legal requirements for which an exemption cannot be claimed.


Districts of Innovation Overview 


DOI Process FAQ

Current Innovation Districts

外国成人视频The following districts have notified the TEA that they have adopted a local innovation plan and are designated as Innovation District. TEA does not have authority to approve or reject plans. Consequently, some plans may claim unallowable exemptions. If a district wishes to use any of these plans as a resource, the district should review each claimed exemption to make sure that the claimed exemption complies with the law and rules.




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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 Madisonville ISD










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 Seagraves ISD



































































































































































外国成人视频For questions regarding a specific district innovation plan, please contact the district directly.

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