School District Hiring Information

Public schools must ensure that individuals serving in positions requiring educator certification hold the appropriate Texas credential. The purpose of this page is to provide a brief overview of relevant certification and assignment information districts need when making hiring decisions.

Hiring and Assignment Frequently Asked Questions

外国成人视频The following information can assist school district personnel in determining an individual’s eligibility for an assignment in a Texas public school.

Assignment Information

外国成人视频This information can assist the school district with assignment requirements.

1.    What is the PEIMS name and code for the assignment?
can be found on the TEA website by selecting TSDS on the top of the webpage.

2.    Where can I find requirements for innovative courses?
Information for innovative courses can be found on the TEA website外国成人视频 by selecting Curriculum & Instructional Materials.

3.    How do I find the certificate that covers the assignment?
and the Teacher Assignment Chart (PDF, 585 KB)外国成人视频. This information will let you know which certificates can be used to teach a particular course.

4.    How do I verify an educator's certification?
School district personnel with access to the Secure Educator Certification Online System (ECOS), often known as the  "Green Screen” can verify any educator certification with the educator’s social security number or TEA ID number. When verifying a certificate we recommend using Internet Explorer, other browsers may not reflect the latest certification information .  

5.    How do I give exam approval for educators who want to add areas by exam that require work experience?
School districts now have the option to review work experience for marketing, health science, and trades and industrial education certificates. School districts are not required to offer this service; educators must verify with their districts. Educators and school districts can find detailed instructions on the TEA website.  

6.   I work in the Human Resource Division at my district, how do I obtain access to the secure Educator Certification Online System (ECOS)?
If you work in the Human Resource Division of your district and have been advised to apply for secure access, please review TEAL Access Instructions for ECOS Entity Users (PDF, 1.43MB). These instructions are not for an educator's personal ECOS account.  

Uncertified Candidates

This section can help determine the eligibility for an educator enrolled in an educator preparation program (EPP) but not yet certified or certified educators not covered for a specific assignment.

1.    How does an educator obtain a probationary certificate?
An educator must be enrolled in an approved Texas EPP to obtain a probationary certificate. The educator must contact their EPP to determine their .

2.    How will I know if someone is eligible for a probationary certificate?
The educator’s program will provide the individual with a statement of eligibility (SOE). Once the individual has been issued a probationary certificate, you can verify the certificate online through ECOS.

3.     Where can I find information about the new intern and probationary certificates.
Effective 9-1-2017, candidates enrolled in an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) will be issued an or based on their eligibility and recommendation of the EPP.    

4.     What do I need to know about permits?
There are three types of permits, , and . 

5.     When and how do I apply for a permit?
Permits for the upcoming school year should be submitted July 1, or later for the upcoming year. Applications prior to this date will process for the previous school year. School district personnel with permit access to the secure Educator Certification Online System (ECOS外国成人视频) can submit a permit application.

6.     Can I request a permit for a certified educator?
Certified teachers not covered for a teaching assignment may need to be placed on an for one school year to allow them to pass the appropriate test.

7.     Can administrators and student services personnel be placed on a permit?
外国成人视频 Administrators may be eligible for a probationary certificate.  They would need to obtain a statement of eligibility from their educator preparation program.  Student Services positions, such as counselor, librarian, or educational diagnostician, may be eligible for a probationary certificate or emergency permit.

8.     Can I hire an educator with a certificate from outside of Texas?
Educators who are certified in another state or another country must apply for a review of credentials. In most cases additional testing will be required. A One-Year Certificate is often possible for these educators following a successful review of credentials.
All educators must meet requirements for English Language Proficiency.

9.    How can I check on the status of an out-of-state educator?
If an educator has applied for a review of credentials, you may check on their file by viewing the "Documents" tab in your ECOS Entities account. For more information and step by step assistance, please view the Document Upload for Entities instructions. The “Documents” tab will allow the entity, the educator and TEA staff to see the same information at the same time.

10.   How do I submit a request for an expedited review of credentials for an out-of-state educator?
Requests for  an expedited review may be submitted for an educator with a pending contract. Before submitting the request you must have verified that all documents have been received and uploaded into the educator's file. You may do this by viewing the "Documents" tab in your ECOS account. Please see the Document Upload for Entities instructions for assistance.

Educational Aide Assignments

外国成人视频This information can be helpful when determining appropriate requirements for educational aides.

1.    Are there any additional requirements for educational aides?
District personnel must have access to the secure ECOS screen and have approval to recommend for an educational aide certificate.  This access is granted by the authorized representative of the district.

2.    How does someone apply for an educational aide certificate?
The individual will need to set up online TEAL and ECOS accounts. Once they are in the ECOS account, they would select the Applications tab and then Educational Aide Certificate and follow the prompts to apply and pay the fee.