How to Become a High School Equivalency Testing Center

外国成人视频The Texas State Board of Education has authorized TEA to issue contracts to two vendors who will be providers of high school equivalency exams for individuals testing for the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE). Tests may only be administered by TEA-authorized testing centers under Texas Administrative Code   Official Testing Centers. 

外国成人视频Each individual test center determines the exam(s) they will be administering and the desired delivery method(s). Choices made in this questionnaire do not obligate your test center to administer the exams. A test center may choose any or all tests and/or delivery methods, if eligible.

To request approval to administer exams in your testing center, please complete the . Upon approval, your information will be provided to your chosen test vendor(s) to assist them in initiating the contracting process with your test center.

外国成人视频Technical Requirements to administer exams: