Reports and Data

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外国成人视频The Texas Education Agency believes the public has a right to know how its public schools are doing. Thanks to a decision in the 1980s to create the Public Education Information Management System, known as PEIMS, Texas has one of the largest education data bases in the world. It provides a treasure trove of information for researchers, parents and the public at large to mine and learn about the workings of 1,200 districts and charters, as well as TEA. That information and other data is used to create a number of reports that provide information about a variety of topics, such as student performance, spending and implementation of legislation.

Data Submission

Information 外国成人视频on the types of data submitted to the Texas Education Agency by the state's public schools.

Educator Data

Reports on educator-related data外国成人视频 including salary, certification and highly-qualified status.

Financial Reports

Financial information外国成人视频 and reports for the Texas Education Agency, and the state's public and charter school districts.

Legislative Reports

Both past and present reports to the Texas Legislature.

School District Data

General data on the state's public and charter school districts and campuses.

School Performance

How the state's school districts, charter schools and campuses外国成人视频 are doing.

Student Data

How students外国成人视频 in Texas public school are performing.

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Accountability Research
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 Evaluation, Analysis and Planning
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School Finance
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