Grant Compliance and Administration

外国成人视频The Department of Grant Compliance and Administration (GCA) oversees all phases of federal and state grants awarded to TEA grantees, including independent school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, and education service centers (known as local educational agencies, or LEAs), as well as other types of organizations, such as nonprofits.

Divisions of the Department

The department is responsible for managing all discretionary and formula grants, ensuring the agency’s compliance with the fiscal requirements of federal grants, and conducting monitoring and grant reviews of federal grant subrecipients. The functions of each of its divisions are described in more detail below.

Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting Division

The Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting Division oversees activities of federal grant programs to determine whether organizations are in compliance with fiscal requirements to ensure that grant recipients spend funds in the manner specified by the grant program. The division ensures that the agency is in compliance with reporting requirements for recipients of federal funds. The division also oversees the competitive grant development and review process to ensure all appropriate steps are followed and grants are awarded effectively and efficiently. 

Federal Fiscal Monitoring Division

The Federal Fiscal Monitoring Division外国成人视频 monitors the expenditures of federal grant subrecipients to ensure federal funds are used for authorized purposes in compliance with federal statutes, regulations, and the terms and conditions of federal awards.

Federal Program Compliance Division

The Federal Program Compliance Division administers the following ESSA programs and ensures compliance with the following statutory requirements:

Grants Administration Division

The Grants Administration Division provides centralized administration of all formula and discretionary state-appropriated funds and federal grant funds awarded to TEA. The division administers all grant funds awarded to subrecipients in support of programs and initiatives to improve student performance and the high school graduation rate. 

Department Functions

Hurricane Harvey Federal Grant Funding   Guidance on using federal grant funds to help mitigate effects of the Harvey disaster
EDGAR   Administrative requirements that went into effect in Dec. 2014, when USDE adopted the Uniform Grants Guidance (Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or 2 CFR)
Strategic Priorities and Recommended Uses of Funds   TEA has defined four strategic priorities to support the agency’s goal of preparing every child for success in college, a career, or the military. The recommended uses of funds linked here are designed to help grantees align their grant fund expenditures with those priorities.
Substitute System of Time and Effort   Guidance on how LEAs may implement a simplified system of time and effort reporting for their employees who work on multiple cost objectives
Travel Information and Guidance   Current mileage, lodging, and meal reimbursement rates along with guidance on what expenses are allowable for reimbursement